Introduction. The silence of spaces.

Hello! My name is Zofi. I am studying MA in Illustration at University of Hertfordshire and this is my Research & Enquiry blog. The main purpose of this blog is to explore the choosen keyword – ‘ways’, but also to reflect on unrelated pieces of work, nonetheless beautiful and inspiring, found during researching.

The first example I would like to share is the series of acrylic paintings created by a contemporary hungarian artist – Zsofia Schweger. The series is called Sandorfalva, Hungary, which is the name of  the author’s home town where she and her family lived before moving to UK. The paintings explore the meaning of belongingness and displacement. The experience of homesickness and memories. They perfectly picture an atmosphere of moving out of home where one was growing up gathering all the childhood memories. The spaces feel empty and they look as if they could be anywhere in the world, abandoned. However, looking at them one can feel the sense of unity. The artist used only light pastel colours and she chose simple composition and flatness as tools to communicate with the viewer – for me all the paintings show predominant sadness. Something is missing, it is absent and one can hear the silence inside the house, unfamiliar and strange.

While writing this, I am thinking about my own personal experience which is still very fresh and recent in my mind. Moving out of the house is, on one hand, very exciting because you are going somewhere new having plenty of possibilities ahead, plenty of new adventures. On the other hand, it is upsetting when you realize this is the last time you look through your window, the last time you see the trees in the garden where you used to climb when you were little and the last look at the empty space surrounding you. You think ‘I will never sleep, work or eat here again’. Everything seem so surrealistic, all the things gone, rooms emptied and plenty of boxes laying in the corridor.

In my opinion, this feeling and the atmosphere surrounding it is very hard to explain using words, but it is strikingly well captured by Zsofia Schweger.

Zsofia Schweger - Sandorfalva, Hungary #34




One thought on “Introduction. The silence of spaces.

  1. There’s something really beautiful and peaceful about Zsofia Schweger’s work, and I get the impression that while she was sad to be leaving a place that held so many memories, she was looking at them with a great fondness which comes through in the gentle colours and care that has been taken to paint the rooms.


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